Comprehensive Talent Solutions

We select the one, so you don’t have to!

SelectONE is a leading BBBEE Level 2 (51% black female owned) Transformation Talent and Digital Recruitment firm.

We are committed to partnering with clients in achieving sustainable transformation initiatives in South Africa.

What we do

  • Enable clients’ transformation and business strategies by offering integrated talent-related services whilst promoting top talent economic inclusion.
  • Deep ‘Rest of Africa’ experience to our clients.
  • Management consulting methodology to gain an understanding of client needs, allowing for accurate scoping, resulting in timeous and cost-effective execution of assignments.
  • We make use artificial intelligence technology and data science, Tamii®, to drive the future of recruitment.
  • Through Tamii®’s sophisticated integration and robotics automation unique to SelectONE – we can produce talent faster, more accurately and cost effectively than ever before.

Managed Service Provider

The secret to uncovering talent and focusing on candidate experience within your business rests in a unique understanding of both the candidate, their specialisation and the organisation involved This drives a competitive advantage in the war for talent Functional competence, as well as behavioural competence is key to success SelectONE is a unique service provider that through sophisticated integration and robotics automation is able to supply talent faster than traditional methods Accuracy and cost are also greatly optimised.

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Select Y.E.S.

The Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.) program, recently drafted by the Department of Trade and Industry seeks to attract companies to employ youth, provide them with requisite skills and prepare them for future permanent employment The programme aims to award participating employers by enhancing their B BBEE Levels, provided the entity can provide proof of participation and meeting the enhancement requirements.

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Learnerships are governed by the Sector Education and Training Authorities SETA) This work based learning programme immerses a learner in a one year learnership, where learners achieve an NQF certification The programme allows learners to gain the necessary skills and workplace experience that will open up better employment opportunities This programme promotes a great ecosystem for the learner, organisation and the South African economy.

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Work Readiness

The Work Readiness Programme bridges the gap between the skills that employees have, and the skills required in a particular workplace This provides new entrants into the workplace, or those that are joining a new organisation, with the necessary skills such as critical thinking and cognitive/behavioural skills to maintain a successful career within the organisation they join.

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Why partner with us?

Partnering with SelectONE is advantageous to our customers preferential procurement scorecard, as we are a small, women owned business, with BEE Level 1 accreditation.
1. ) From all Empowering Suppliers
= (2%/80%) x 5 x 135% = 0.17 points
2. ) From an EME supplier
= (2%/15%) x 4 x 135% = 0.72 points
3.) From at least 51 Black owned supplier
= (2%/40%) x 9 x 135% = 0.61 points
4.) From at least 30 Black Woman owned suppliers
= (2%/80%) x 4 x 135% = 0.9 points

Customer’s total points obtained 2.40
points/ Due to our BEE Status, we are also eligible as an Enterprise Development beneficiary.
SelectONE meets 4/5 scorecard criteria.

SelectONE is a Level 1 BEE: Generic Company Status and 51% Black Women Owned, 100% Women Owned.

By procuring our services, you can claim up to 135% towards your procurement recognition which is further enhanced to 162% as a New Supplier.

Our Values

We live and breathe our corporate values. They are the guiding principles that we use to manage ourselves internally as well how we conduct our relationships with customers.


We are an impact-based business creating growth and employment opportunities for the youth of South Africa.


We always act with integrity and honesty and treat our clients and candidates with the highest ethical approach.


We make use of Artificial Intelligent Technology & Science to constantly drive innovation in our industry.


We encourage self-development and continuous learning through a culture of ongoing growth and excellence.