Specialised contact centre recruitment: A game changer.

Contact Centres are highly nuanced ecosystems. They require meticulous management, advanced and intelligent technology, and of course, specialised agents. These agents are the face of the organisation, often being your customer’s first point of contact when a complaint, query or request arises. The impression they create sets the tone for your customer’s experience. Consistently positive experiences go a long way to garnering brand loyalty and trust.

The quality of contact centre agents is pivotal to the performance of a contact centre. The successful recruitment of these specialised agents is therefore imperative. Successful recruitment does not only comprise of selecting the strongest CV. It involves determining which candidates have the correct balance of skills, experience, and cultural fit to maximise efficiency and minimise staff turn-over.

Major resource drain can occur while trying to manage the process of recruiting the ideal fit for a contact centre. The cost of not placing the ideal fit for your organisation is time. Induction time and training time. While this is happening the contact centre agent is not performing at their peak, taking longer to resolve queries and understand the client, placing unnecessary pressure on both the contact centre and the agent.

It is counter-productive to solicit labour law advice from an environmental lawyer in the same way that it is counterproductive to task contact centre managers or general recruitment agencies with the specialised recruitment of contact centre agents. The optimal solution is to assign the task to the most specialised party. That’s where SelectONE comes in.

Why use specialist contact centre recruitment?

Benefit from in-depth understanding of the nuances of contact centres.

We understand your industry.  Our team has operational exposure to the innerworkings of contact centres. We are well acquainted with the daily tasks of contact centre agents, putting us in the optimal position to recruit for the position. We know what questions to ask, and we know what answers to look for. For example, we know to screen for location and travel concerns in regards to shift work and we know to screen for agents that have international customer service campaign experience.

From working hours to shifts and salary ranges – we have in-depth knowledge of the job profiles in a contact centre and therefore understand what type of individuals to recruit to ensure the individual’s job satisfaction, performance, and ability to meet KPI’s.

Place ideal candidate from the get-go.

Putting the right person in the right position from the get-go (selecting the ONE) will lower attrition, increase performance and efficiency and lower cost. All contact centres strive for this.

The South African market has a massive contact centre skill set to tap into and we are specialists in identifying the ideal fit for an organisation. While an individual may be an extraordinary agent, they may not necessarily be the ideal fit for your organisation. Hiring a less than ideal fit will create dissonance for the individual and the contact centre.

Match candidates to your KPI’s.

Contact centres are a highly KPI drive environment. We recruit based on those KPI’s.

Your contact centre agents need to solve problems, resolve issues and/or sell your products in a way that meets your organisations goals. To solve this, we assess skills relative to contact centres to determine suitability and performance.

Selecting from pre-screen databases saves valuable time.

We have built an extensive database of screened, assessed, and qualified contact centre agents with specialised skill sets. This enables us to find the best-fit individual for the role faster and more accurately. It’s not unlikely for us to find you the right fit within hours.

Attract high-quality candidates with reputation transfer.

As a specialist in the contact centre recruitment space, we’ve built a stellar reputation with candidates. This enables us to effectively attract good quality candidates on an on-going basis through our trusted name. Top quality contact centre agents often use SelectONE. In simpler terms:
we’re in with the right crowd.

Get screened candidates, without the resource drain.

Attracting, screening, and sourcing contact centre agents solely in house can put immense pressure on your already stretched resources. With a trusted specialist contact centre recruitment partner, you will have the assistance you need to optimise the efficiency of your recruiting process.

Our attracting, sourcing, and screening methods ensure that we have access to and present top agents to you without resource drain. Not only do we present top agents, but we present agents with the correct skill set for your specific contact centre because we understand that not all contact centre environments are the same. Our goal is to make sure you get what your contact centre needs to improve business goals and strategy through placing agents that fit your contact centre requirements.  

Benefit from knowledge of current best practise in the new WFH environment.

Having a specialist partner in recruiting your contact centre staff that understands the nuances of the industry is more important now than ever with working conditions being “unconventional”. WFH has changed the game. Contact centre agents are now required to manage more than before, consider technology and security more than before and are required to be more adaptable than before. As the environment has adapted, so have we. We are current in our recruiting methodology and factor in the WFH element in our selection process. 

Place specialised staff.

Contact centre agents and other contact centre staff are a specialised type of individual. As a business focused around offering customer services, your agents need to exhibit that skill. Contact centre agents need to be able to deal with all sorts of customer engagements in one day, while solving problems, dealing with technology, and demanding KPI’s. 

Your recruitment partner will need to be well versed in the above considerations to match you with an agent that is able to perform at their peak when placed at your contact centre.

The right partner changes the game.